Welcome to GGS Group of Institutes

Congratulations to you and your new college student on the acceptance to GGS Group of Insitutes. We are excited and happy that you have selected and entrusted us with the great honor and responsibility to educate your student. Our goal is to make you proud of this decision and we look forward to our ongoing partnership in the years ahead.

Chairman Desk

Sudagar Singh Chahal

I welcome you and your child to a new experience in Nursing education.

Director/Vice Chairman Desk

Lavinder Singh Chahal

Our primary goal is to offer the best education and clinical training possible in Nursing.

About GGS Group Of Institutes

In college, you'll get to dig deep into fascinating subjects, tackle advanced concepts and flex your intellectual muscle. Exploring subjects in greater depth can be both thrilling and challenging. Find out what students have to say about their introduction to college-level work.